I would like to show/hide a fee in the WooCommerce checkout process depending on the location of the user.

For this i would like to first use the IP address of the user to determine the location and later the address he enters.

I came across the build-in Geolocation ability of WooCommerce with the following classes:

I'm able to get the users IP address with:

$geolocation = new WC_Geolocation();
$ipaddress = $geolocation->get_ip_address();

But i don't seem to be able to get the users country code. How would i go about this?

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This is how I used WooCommerce to get the country code on a recent project, using the geolocate_ip method of the WC_Geolocation class.

$country = 'US';

if (class_exists('WC_Geolocation')) {
    $location = WC_Geolocation::geolocate_ip('', true, false);

    if (isset($location['country'])) {
        $country = $location['country'];

switch ($country) {
    case 'AU':
    case 'US':

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