I am trying to make a WordPress theme, following the Wordpress Coding Standards - WPCS. In functions.php, I have a function to get only the teaser (text above the read more-tag). The function works, however I get an error from Code Sniffer that Overriding WordPress globals is prohibited

Any suggestions on how to achieve this, while following the Coding Standards would be great!

My code:

global $more;
$more_saved = $more;

// Sets $more to not showing the content after the more tag.
$more = 0;
echo esc_html( get_the_content( '', false ) );

// Restores $more.
$more = $more_saved;

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get_extended() saved me! The returned array has 'main' and 'extended' keys. Main has the text before the <!--more-->. The 'extended' key has the content after the <!--more--> comment.

$content = get_post_field( 'post_content', get_the_ID() );
$content_parts = get_extended( $content );
echo esc_html( strip_tags( $content_parts['main'] ) );

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