I am struggling to establish a clean workflow with Wordpress. I have three different environments in my workflow which are localhost, staging and live.

The general idea :
I want to work on my localhost, then test it on the staging env. to finally push it on live safely.

My current situation :
For my localhost I am using the famous WAMPserver, then I have a Git solution (Bitbucket) for version controlling and I have been using DeployHQ to deploy it to the staging environment.

The staging has been created really easily with the plugin WP staging which created a copy of the Live files inside a subdirectory and copy of tables inside the same database but with different prefix.

So to migrate from my localhost to staging, I just need to push with Git and my folder wp-content is deployed straight into the staging directory, prefect so.

The problem :
The problem comes when I need to push from staging to live..
With the plugin WP Staging there is no way to do that. I tried the PushLive plugin. It destroys everything.. a real mess.
So I can't find any good solution to just push files and database into Live.

The only solution I have in mind is to simply copy/paste through FTP my wp-content folder.
Then for the database is getting complex.. I should use the WP sync DB in my localhost to pull my staging database first, then change the prefix from tables and meta_keys. For finally push it on Live.

I can't find better solution for now, but it's look like a long and dangerous process for me. So if you have any suggestion I wish to read it.

I just hope to not kill my live website again.. Thank you in advance for your help.


I've noticed that WPEngine has a built-in, git-integrated workflow in support of WordPress staging environments. In short, perhaps your answer involves your choice of hosting. I understand that "Site Ground" is another hosting provider that can offer something similar.

BTW, take a look at the article "No More Cowboy Coding". There might be further useful tips for you in there.

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