I created a home.php which doesn't display the recent posts in the standard-blog-style. Just have a look at my website to see what I mean. I want to create a link that leads to something like "http://..../blog" where the recent posts are displayed "normally". I know how to do that, but what I don't know is how to create that new "link" that leads to ".../blog".

Is it possible to create a "blog.php" just like a "home.php" where the recent posts will be displayed?

But even if I create a "blog.php" I will get a 404 error message when clicking on "http://.../blog".

I hope you get what I mean and can help me out here a bit. Do I have to modify the htaccess thingie for that or what? :/

Thanks a lot in advance :)


Don't use home.php for static home page, use front-page.php or any other page template instead.

Also see Codex page for Creating a Static Front Page

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