I am trying to get 1 item from an associative array that I am outputting form an ACF field.

I am doing the following:

print_r(get_field('consultant_name')); This is on the ACF field where I can select a specific user from a specific role.

The output of this is:

Array ( [ID] => 42 [user_firstname] => Sarah [user_lastname] => Piddington [nickname] => sarah_piddington [user_nicename] => sarah_piddington [display_name] => Sarah Piddington

The only part I need from this is the ID but im not sure how to access this on its own? Could somebody advise me if this even possible? I need it to use as a comparison.


You could just use:

echo get_field('consultant_name')['ID'];
  • np, could you mark as answered?
    – rudtek
    Jul 18 '17 at 15:14

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