I am trying to get rid of WP folders and rewrite URL for my custom PDF created a document based on ID of the product. I used the code below but it's not working.

Initial value: http://example.com/wp-content/themes/exampletheme/templates/pdf-generator.php?productID=11

The value I am trying to get: http://example.com/carPDF=11


add_action('init', 'custom_rewrite_basic');
function custom_rewrite_basic() {
    add_rewrite_rule('carPDF=([0-9]+)/?$', 'wp-content/themes/exampletheme/templates/pdf-generator.php?productID=$matches[1]', 'top');

I was able to figure out myself, but now I get permalink like http://example.com/carPDF/?productID=61 I want to remove get parameter and instead have the only number like this http://example.com/carPDF/61

CODE UPDATED: functions.php

add_action('init', 'custom_rewrite_pdfURL');
function custom_rewrite_pdfURL() {

    add_rewrite_rule('^carPDF/([^/]*)/?', 'wp-content/themes/exampletheme/templates/pdf-generator.php?productID=$matches[1]', 'top');


<form method="GET" action="http://example.com/carPDF/" id="hidden-pdf-form">
    <input type="hidden" value="<?php echo "$id"; ?>" name="productID">
    <i class="glyphicon glyphicon-download"></i>
    <input type="submit" value="Download PDF" class="btn btn-link"/>
  • Did you update the permalinks after adding the new rewrite rule? – kero Jul 18 '17 at 14:38
  • Yep currently I was able to achieve this http://example.com/carPDF/62?productID=62 I want to get rid of ?productID=62. @kero I am using hidden form to pass get parameter with action attribute: action="http://example.com/carPDF/<?php echo "$id";?>" – Soothsayer92 Jul 18 '17 at 14:55

$matches[1] doesn't work for external redirects, only internal (URL must start with index.php and handled by WordPress itself)

Try this

add_action('init', 'custom_rewrite_pdfURL');
function custom_rewrite_pdfURL() {
    add_rewrite_rule('^carPDF/([^/]*)/?', 'wp-content/themes/exampletheme/templates/pdf-generator.php?productID=$1', 'top');

Don't forget to flush permalinks

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  • It works, thanks, I can access the URL directly but when I am trying to enter it via link (in form via get attribute) it adds ?productID=62. Any idea how to change this? – Soothsayer92 Jul 19 '17 at 7:25
  • You don't need <input name="productID">... You can have <form action="http://example.com/carPDF/<?php echo "$id"; ?>"> or just skip the form and have <a href="http://example.com/carPDF/<?php echo "$id"; ?>"> – Worduoso Jul 20 '17 at 1:59

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