I'm trying to set a contact form on my site but have a little problem with the auto responder (use mail 2) the From field.

I'm testing it by myself so i act like an admin and a user on two different emils.

When the filed is set to: [your name] <[your-email]> it throws an error:

Sender email address does not belong to the site domain

That's ok. But even when set to: [email protected] it goes to the sender junk mail.

So how can i set it please?

Thank you in advance.


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The issue you are having is because you are using the users name and email address from the contact form submission when you should be using your own website domain email address as the error states. If you do not not have any emails set up on the domain, I would recommend you use a noreply@

I usually set my Mail 2 From Email to be:

Website Name or Company Name <[email protected]>

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