A site I am supporting is using WordPress 4.7.5 and is configured to use month-and-name permalinks.

There is a page titled "Upcoming Events" which is a child of a page named "Connect" whose permalink (less the hostname) is /connect/events-2.

Attempting to change the permalink via the Edit Page admin page to /connect/events immediately sets it back to /connect/events-2.

Attempting to set it to /connect/events-3 does work.

Attempting to set it to /connect/events when it is /connect/events-3 changes it to /connect/events-2.

Some things I have checked:

  • There is not another page whose title or permalink is events. There are no pages in the trash.
  • Navigating to /connect/events does a 301 redirect to /connect/events-2. So that seems to confirm that it is not due to a another page using the name.
  • I exported the wp_posts table (via the hosting tools, not via WordPress). There are other entries whose post_title is "Events" but they are old revisions of the page of interest (post_type is revision, post_status is inherit, post_parent is the page's ID). There are no entries whose post_name is "events".

What else could cause WordPress to disallow "events" in the permalink?

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