I'm sorry if the title is a little confusing, I couldn't think of a more concise wording.

I am using Multisite with GoDaddy hosting and just mapped a subsite to www.subsite1.com using the Wordpress MU Domain Mapping plugin. I have a second subsite related to the first one that needed to be its own subsite for various reasons. I would like this site to be accessible at www.subsite1.com/subsite2.

Or can I set it up as a subdomain? subsite2.subsite1.com?

Is this possible?

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If you're trying to achieve:

  • installdomain.com
  • sub.installdomain.com
  • sub.installdomain.com/sub2


  • installdomain.com
  • installdomain.com/sub/
  • installdomain.com/sub/sub2

You're describing a Network of Networks.

InstallDomain is a network (aka multisite), and has a site named Sub. The site Sub is also a network. The Sub network has a site named Sub2.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration, but it is definitely doable. However, I DO NOT think you can do a subdirectory second-layer network with subdomains; i.e.:

  • installdomain.com
  • installdomain.com/sub/
  • sub2.installdomain.com/sub/

I'll try to add enough relevant links to get you in the right direction. A good (a decently recent) introduction:

WPMU DEV article on Create a Network of Networks from Dec 2016

This repo is a good way to bounce through some code. Especially the opening cookie related stuff that's often overlooked.

Github Repo for Wp_Multi_Network, last updated May 2017

Another angle on it:

Creating Nested SubFolders with Sunrise.php from Oct 2013

In case you prefer the talk-in-front-of-a-whiteboard option:

A 2014 WordCamp Chicago Talk on Multi-Site and Multi-Network by John James Jacoby: 50+mins


Assuming that the primary site is www.example.com . You should be able to use the MU Domain Mapping plugin on www.example.com/site2 site to point that subsite to www.mydomain.com .

  • The site I want to map is actually at www.primaryinstall.com/subsite2. I want to move it so it is an extention of www.subsite1.com Jul 11, 2017 at 19:51

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