Actually i have deployed a wordpress running website on my local environment. I want to have some general instruction that how can i know which file points to which url. Like if i entered the url mysite.com/household-insrtuments. it opens a page in the backend i searched from the text through the project i found that this opens the file name 'housing-facilities.php' so is there any way i can view this ?

  • That kind of URLs are rewrited to index.php at server-level; all other needed files are included form there. Your question is a bit confusing. Can you try to elaborate it? – cybmeta Jul 11 '17 at 12:15

Wordpress has a template hierarchy, he search down the files in your theme until he finds a suitable template for the content hes outputing following the hierarchy.

Here it's a example from de Codex:

If your blog is at http://example.com/blog/ and a visitor clicks on a link to a category page such as http://example.com/blog/category/your-cat/, WordPress looks for a template file in the current theme’s directory that matches the category’s ID to generate the correct page. More specifically, WordPress follows this procedure:

  1. Looks for a template file in the current theme’s directory that
    matches the category’s slug. If the category slug is “unicorns,” then WordPress looks for a template file named category-unicorns.php.
  2. If category-unicorns.php is missing and the category’s ID is 4, WordPress looks for a template file named category-4.php.
  3. If category-4.php is missing, WordPress will look for a generic category template file, category.php.
  4. If category.php does not exist, WordPress will look for a generic archive template, archive.php.
  5. If archive.php is also missing, WordPress will fall back to the main theme template file, index.php.

Here's a image that shows the complete hirarchy:

Wordpress template hierarchy

He will follow this behaviour unless you rewrite it with the Rewrite API.

In your case house-facilities.php is a Custom Template, and household-instruments is a page that uses this custom template, go to your Admin -> Pages -> Household Facilities and edit it, on the edit page you will see in the right corner a block called Page Attributes, inside that block has a select called Template and you will see that House Facilities Index is selected.

So what happens? As described in the link above, if you want to create a template for multiple pages to use, you can create a file and register it as an template. To register a file as a template simply put a comment in the top of the file with the line, Template Name: My Template, now in the edit page, you can select that file to output any page as you want.

When I'm developing a theme I like to use the Show Current Template plugin to see which files the page is loading.

Too learn about the template hierarchy see the Theme handbook.

  • i have not seen any kind of files there which you have mentioned. When i click on the href link it opens the mysite.com/household-insrtuments. just this not any kind of id or unicorn. when i search and changed the text on the housing-facilities.php file it changed the text on the url so it means it was pointing out the housing-facilities.php file. but i am not getting it how to know each url – tech_geek Jul 11 '17 at 12:25
  • That is just an example of how the template system works in wordpress, I can't say the exacly files of your theme because I don't know him and don't know if you're using, taxonomies or custom post types, if he has template for them etc. I showed you an example e posted de link for the Codex so you can learn how it works a figure out. And you can also use the plugin, just install it and when you visit a page, will list all the files loaded for that page in the admin bar. – Cesar Henrique Damascena Jul 11 '17 at 12:36
  • for the plugin suggestion Thank you for that it is really helping. but still i did not find my question's answer. I thought that there would be a particular pattern in the wordpress to followed for the files. – tech_geek Jul 11 '17 at 12:57
  • And it does, it's the pattern that I explained to you above, he sees if the content it's an Post Type, Taxonomy, Page etc.. and search for a template to output it following the hiararchy in the image. So household-instruments could be a Custom Post Type and house-facilities.php be a template for this post type or it could be a term or a taxonomy, It's hard to know when I can't see your files and don't know what household-instruments is. That's why I explained how the template system in wordpress work, so you can study it and figure out. – Cesar Henrique Damascena Jul 11 '17 at 13:08
  • actually if this url is calling house-facilities. there should be a link to it. I have searched both that from where it is linking these two but i have only found the string coccurences not as a particular link. So i can assume that these could be in database? – tech_geek Jul 11 '17 at 13:21

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