My multisite wordpress site works the way, that if someone is not logged in, they will be redirected to wp-login.php. Unfortunately i have a cronjob, that can not run, because it is also redirected, since its not a logged in user, who runs it. How can i get this to work ? Im posting my script below. It seems like, after wp-load.php is run, i can not get anything to work.

// Include WordPress
define('WP_USE_THEMES', false);

// wp_set_auth_cookie(9);

// $creds = array();
// $creds['user_login'] = 'my_username';
// $creds['user_password'] = 'my_pw';
// $creds['remember'] = true;
// $user = wp_signon( $creds, false );
  • you can load wp-cron.php directly via a proper cron job, this is actually recommended by wordpress, see this answer: wordpress.stackexchange.com/a/253331/76440
    – majick
    Jul 10, 2017 at 10:36
  • are you saying that i will get rid of the not logged in redirection, by doing it this way ? Jul 10, 2017 at 12:33
  • it should bypass the user redirection because there is no user session as such to process, the WP Cron tasks are called directly instead, by calling wp-cron.php instead of wp-load.php
    – majick
    Jul 10, 2017 at 16:44
  • that sounds great, i will try it later today Jul 10, 2017 at 16:52


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