I have many slow queries. It appears when I search for a photo in a media gallery:

# Time: 2017-07-02T10:04:13.180832Z
# User@Host: site_234[site_234] @ localhost []  Id: 1226011
# Query_time: 2.109665  Lock_time: 0.000051 Rows_sent: 3  Rows_examined: 183299
SET timestamp=1498989853;
SELECT ID FROM wp_posts where guid = 'https://example.org/uploads/500.jpg' AND post_type = 'attachment';

I believed that the slow queries are coming from querying for attachments. How can this problem be solved? I have a lot of photos.

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This is bug #31071: media / post_mime_type related queries are very slow on larger sites. It should have been fixed for version 4.8 now.

You can try it on a test site that is a mirror of your production site. There are some very interesting ideas in that bug discussion. See if you can use some of them right now already, like adding an index.

  • I now have version 4.8 Jul 2, 2017 at 13:00

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