I want my site to be able to automatically create and publish a new post once a woocommerce product is created and published. I want the post to have the same featured image of the published product as well as the same description.

On other-words products and posts should be generated simultaneously including same featured image and description.


WC products are posts themselves, so you could use:

add_action('publish_post', 'wpse_publish_post_with_product');

Within the new function, you'd have a check for post_type. If the post_type that was just published is a WC product, then grab the image and description from that post, and use wp_insert_post() to publish a Post with the same info.

Side note: I'm not sure what your goal is with publishing a Post in addition to a Product. Since both URLs will contain roughly the same information, you're likely to run into SEO problems with duplicate content. If you could elaborate on your goal, there might be a better, more SEO-friendly way to achieve it.

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