I am trying to remove the parentheses from the tag cloud widget and add in <span class="post_count"> </span> in place of it.

Currently I have not been having any luck. I have this working for categories just fine but not sure why it won't work for the tag cloud count.

function categories_postcount_filter ($variable) {
$variable = str_replace('(', '<span class="post_count"> ', $variable);
$variable = str_replace(')', ' </span>', $variable);
return $variable;

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks so much!


  • In WP 4.8 there is a checkbox to toggle the count in the admin area. Prior to WP 4.8 there was no counter displayed for the default tags widget. Jun 21, 2017 at 20:48
  • 1
    Hi Dave. Exactly. I am trying to remove the parentheses that show when they do have that option checked to show the count.
    – Ponte
    Jun 21, 2017 at 20:56

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this is an example output of an tag cloud widget element (wp4.8):

<a href="http://localhost/wp-beta-test/tag/handcrafted/" class="tag-cloud-link tag-link-327 tag-link-position-22" style="font-size: 8pt;" aria-label="handcrafted (2 items)">handcrafted<span class="tag-link-count"> (2)</span></a>

as you can see, the widget outputs some aria lable also using parentheses, which interferes with a simple string replace. the tag number including the parentheses is also already wrapped in a span.

for example, try to use:

function tagcloud_postcount_filter ($variable) {
$variable = str_replace('<span class="tag-link-count"> (', ' <span class="post_count"> ', $variable);
$variable = str_replace(')</span>', '</span>', $variable);
return $variable;
  • Hi Michael! This worked great. I appreciate you taking the time to help me out. Thank you.
    – Ponte
    Jun 21, 2017 at 21:12

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