I'm using wp_playlist_shortcode() to output an audio playlist. For example:

echo wp_playlist_shortcode( array(
    'ids' => $track_ids
) );

Thanks to the idea in answer 142974, I'm unhooking the wp_underscore_playlist_templates() function and using my own version prefix_wp_underscore_playlist_templates() so I can customise the output of playlist items. For example:

add_action( 'wp_playlist_scripts', function() {
    remove_action( 'wp_footer', 'wp_underscore_playlist_templates', 0 );
    add_action( 'wp_footer', 'prefix_wp_underscore_playlist_templates', 0 );
} );

For now I'm just copying the contents of wp_underscore_playlist_templates() to prefix_wp_underscore_playlist_templates().

Inside my custom prefix_wp_underscore_playlist_templates() function, a data object is made available but I believe this just contains "data" related to the track such as data.meta.artist and data.content.

My question

How can I get the post ID of the track when inside prefix_wp_underscore_playlist_templates()?


We don't have an explicit filter for the data array so here are two workarounds that you might give a try:

Approach #1 - As meta data

We can add attachment_id to the meta data for each playlist item, via the wp_get_attachment_metadata filter, but first we have to register it via the wp_get_attachment_id3_keys filter.

Here's an example:

// Add 'attachment_id' as an id3 meta key
add_filter( 'wp_get_attachment_id3_keys', $callback_id3 = function( $fields ) 
    $fields['attachment_id'] = 'attachment_id';
    return $fields;
} );

// Add ?attachment_id=123 to the url
add_filter( 'wp_get_attachment_metadata', $callback_metadata = function ( $data, $post_id )
    $data['attachment_id'] = (int) $post_id;
    return $data;
}, 10, 2 );

// Output from playlist shortcode
$output = wp_playlist_shortcode( $atts, $content );

// Remove our filter callback
remove_filter( 'wp_get_attachment_url', $callback_metadata );
remove_filter( 'wp_get_attachment_id3_keys', $callback_id3 );

Approach #2 - As query string

Alternatively we can add the ?attachment_id=123 query string to the attachments url, via the wp_get_attachment_url filter.

Here's an example:

// Add our filter callback to add ?attachment_id=123 to the url
add_filter( 'wp_get_attachment_url', $callback = function ( $url, $post_id )
    return add_query_arg( 'attachment_id', (int) $post_id, $url );
}, 10, 2 );

// Output from playlist shortcode
$output = wp_playlist_shortcode( $atts, $content );

// Remove our filter callback
remove_filter( 'wp_get_attachment_url', $callback );       

Hope it helps!

  • Thanks for both of these approaches. For the first approach, if I do <# console.log(data) #> inside prefix_wp_underscore_playlist_templates() to examine the data object, I don't see attachment_id? – henrywright Jun 21 '17 at 15:47
  • This is untested but this should be in the meta data part in #1. This is constructed by peeking at the core functions. I'm not able to test it yet, but will try it later today ;-) – birgire Jun 21 '17 at 15:56
  • I had a super dumb moment. I was still using the wp_playlist_shortcode() function to output my playlist. I forgot to use the actual [playlist] shortcode. Approach works great, thank you. – henrywright Jun 21 '17 at 16:31
  • great, glad to hear it worked. – birgire Jun 21 '17 at 16:34

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