I am trying to preserve old value of form when it fails the validation defined in sanitize callback of register_setting. But it does not do so, instead it save the default values

register_setting('setting-wpse3401', 'wpse3401_options', array( 'sanitize_callback' => [$this, 'wpse3401_sanitize_value']));

public function wpse3401_sanitize_value( $val )
    $newval = array();
    $type = 'updated';
    $msg = 'Settings is saved!';    

    $newval['form_field_0'] = sanitize_text_field($val['form_field_0']);
    if( $val['form_field_1'] < 1 ) {
        $type = 'error';
        $msg = 'Please enter number greater than 0'
    } else {
        $newval['form_field_1'] = $val['form_field_1'];

    add_settings_error('wpse3401_messages', 'wpse3401_message', __($msg, 'text-domain'), $type);

    if($type == 'updated'){
        return $newval;
    } else{
        return null;
  • Still no answer ? I am missing something ? – sanjay ojha Jun 16 '17 at 8:29

Unfortunately WordPress does not provide the old value as an additional argument to your sanitize_callback callable. This is supported in general by the option validator hook that WordPress calls when saving the updated setting...

return apply_filters( "sanitize_option_{$option}", $value, $option, $original_value );

...but in practice it is not actually registered with any additional arguments when the filter is added during register_setting:

if ( ! empty( $args['sanitize_callback'] ) ) {
    add_filter( "sanitize_option_{$option_name}", $args['sanitize_callback'] );

Because add_filter doesn't specify that the callable takes any additional arguments, apply_filter does not provide $option or $original_value to your callback when it is called (I consider this to be a bug, and have submitted a ticket to the developers). This means you cannot use the $original_value to fall back on when the provided setting is invalid. Instead, I suggest you just grab the current setting's value within your callback:

if ( 'updated' === $type ) {
    return $newval;
} else {
    // use previous value
    return get_option( 'wpse3401_options' );

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