On my wordpress site, I have a page mysite.com/download. On the same server I have a directory named download, where I store files which I need to provide on download page. So the problem is that when someone tries to access mysite.com/download, he's taken to the directory instead of the page. I have turned off the directory access for now, so it currently displays no permission to access. I want wordpress to display the page instead of the directory. I am not sure if it's a problem with the server or wordpress. I hope someone can clarify.


Found an answer! It's an issue with the .htaccess file. I needed to write a rule in the .htaccess file for this exception, after renaming my download folder to downloads. So it still requires the folder to be renamed.

RewriteRule ^download/(.+)$ downloads/$1

This rule should be before the wordpress rules in the file. This makes sure that if someone is looking in the mysite.com/download/folder1 sub-directory, he's actually redirected to mysite.com/downloads/folder1.

Ref: WP Page and Subdirectory with same name

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