I recently set up a WordPress site here. I added these two lines in wp-config.php:

define("COOKIE_DOMAIN", "www.artisanplombier-pascher.com");
define("WP_CONTENT_URL", "https://static.artisanplombier-pascher.com/wp-content");

When I request the homepage and inspect the network queries with my browser, the assets are loaded with "static" subdomain, however a "cookie" header request is also sent along with the other parameters.

I don't know what I am missing.


your mistake is WP_CONTENT_URL's postfix. Because, you should use this definitions this type;

define("COOKIE_DOMAIN", "www.artisanplombier-pascher.com");
define("WP_CONTENT_URL", "https://static.artisanplombier-pascher.com");

So, you should configure, your static. subdomain's path in your server's configuration file or your hosting's control panel (create a subdomain as "static" and configure its path to your website (wordpress)'s "wp-content" folder.

And finally, you can be check this types;

https://static.artisanplombier-pascher.com -> is path to -> https://www.artisanplombier-pascher.com/wp-content

and your "upload" folder (images folder for wp) is here;


and it's root domain path is;


Best Regards.

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