I searched everywhere for this but couldn't find any help. I'm working on a plugin that generates posts from a database, like so:

foreach ( $items as $item ) {
    $content = $core->parseTpl($item->Asin, $this->content);
    $titleColumn = $this->titleColumn;
    $postarr     = array(
        'post_content' => $content,
        'post_title'   => $item->$titleColumn,
        'post_status'  => 'draft',

    $postId = wp_insert_post( $postarr );

    //more code...

When I do this, the generated permalinks look something like this:


However, I want the permalinks to look like specified in the WP-backend:

enter image description here

Using the wp_insert_post function doesn't seem to apply the permalink formatting. What do I have to do, so that my created posts have the formatted permalinks?



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