I have never had this issue before but I recently took over management of a site HomesUSAAlliance.com and wanted to consolidate and update the fonts. I went to the Style.css file in the theme and added the custom font style but nothing happened. That's when I went to the site to see where the font style was being directed from and found: http://www.homesusaalliance.com/wp-content/themes/kleo/assets/css/custom/style.css?ver=3.1.3

I cannot seem to find this document anywhere in my actual Wordpress admin site and am lost. Can anyone help??

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While technically the answer from Jonny Perl is accurate, it's not a good idea to directly edit your theme's files. Any changes you make will get overwritten with a theme update.

Instead, create a Child Theme (lots of articles on how to do that), and add your CSS code in the Child Theme's style.css file.

You could change the default theme with a CSS body command, changing the font-family used. It may be that you will need to add several CSS styles for font-family, depending on how your theme is built. You can use developer tools (like Firebug) to figure out the CSS used at any part of your site.


This file is within the theme itself and so will be available via the theme editor at yoursite.com/wp-admin/theme-editor.php (this assumes a setup with a standard directory structure).

On the right you'll see a list of files in your theme, and WordPress will list out files in subdirectories too.

For this file it will say something like: Stylesheet (assets/css/style.css). Click on this file and it will come up in the editor.

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