I'm trying to solve a problem on my wordpress that I'm seeing both on Semrush and Google webmaster

My issue

It's considering a 3 times redirect on a link (that I'm not finding on the database)

https://blog.com https://www.blog.com https://www.blog.com/

I remove the slash from the permanent link I deactivated the w3 cache tool I review the htaccess I review the wp-config

I don't know where else to look now to try to get rid of the last redirect or the first, any tips will be more than helpful

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Other places to check:

  • If you're on an Nginx server, check the server config
  • Deactivate all plugins and switch to a default theme
  • If you use a host with a control panel, check there for hidden redirects

Each time you make a change, use an Incognito window or a header check tool to verify - your browser caches redirects so it may be fixed even when your browser is taking you through the old redirects.

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