I don't want cURL in my WordPress plugin

Hi, cURL is not safe to use on WordPress site. And sometime, cURL has been disable on customer hosting.

And i decided to use wp_remote_post to send file for my plugin

Here my code :

$service = URL SERVICE ;

 $headers = array(
            'accept'       => 'application/json', // The API returns JSON
            'content-type' => 'application/binary', // Set content type to binary

$data     = array(
                'headers'  => $headers,
                'body'     => file_get_contents($image_file),
$response = wp_remote_post($service, $data);

But on server, i cannot received file from wp_remote_post. Please help me fix this issue ? How i can config to send file from wp_remote_post same as CURLFile ?

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I found an solution for this issue, i using wp_remote_post to send binary of file to server.

When processing data received on server, i use this code to get data of file

$file = file_get_contents('php://input');

And i write it to temp file

$temp   = tmpfile();
fwrite($temp, $file);
$metadata = stream_get_meta_data($temp);

Do you have any other solution ? Please discuss with me to find best answers.

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