Wanting to learn more about the settings page I wanted to be able to add code such as Google Adsense, Google Analytics and anything code related in a textarea within a custom settings page but I've been unable to track down a previous Q&A.

Upon research I've run across "Default Wordpress settings API data sanitization" which indicated WordPress doesn't do any data sanitation outside of the default. When I research further I've come across The WordPress Settings API, Part 7: Validation, Sanitisation, and Input which shows to use sanitize_text_field() and then referenced Validating Sanitizing and Escaping User Data but that is only on the index.php on output if I'm understanding correctly. Further searching I found "Proper Way To Sanitize And Validate Options When Using The Settings Api?" which only recommended a few other links that didn't answer my question.

When I'm using a textarea in my settings page:

function curious_darth() { 
    $question_dark_side = get_option('darth_vader');
    <textarea rows="12" cols="60" type='text' name='darth_vader[light_saber]' value='<?php if (isset($question_dark_side['light_saber']) ) echo sanitize_text_field($question_dark_side['light_saber']); ?>'><?php echo isset($question_dark_side['light_saber'] ) ? $question_dark_side['light_saber'] : false; ?></textarea>

Is there a way to sanitize the data on input so that on output it will not render and if I want it to render somewhere in particular what is the proper way to render text that has had it's HTML escaped?

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