How create post using WP-CLI at time of network site create. I am creating network sites using WP-CLI.
I have tried:

wp post create --post_type=page --post_title='ABC' --post_status=publish --network

But it creates post on main site. But, I want to create that post on network site which was created that time.

Thanks in advance.
Any reference will be helpful.

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You can try the --url argument to target a given site in your network:

wp post create \
   --post_type=page \ 
   --post_title='ABC' \
   --post_status=publish \

where you can view available site urls with

wp site list

Global attribute --url=<url> is required to post in a networked site.

wp post create --url=subdomain.exampledomain.com [OPTIONS]

Ref : https://developer.wordpress.org/cli/commands/post/create/


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