My client wants a PDF to be linked from a page with a different link structure.

Currently I have it set up so the path to the document is this


What they want is site.com/specificpage/PDF.pdf

Could anyone provide any help on this?

Thanks, Ben


If you are talking about menus and your theme uses the Menu API, then upload the PDF to a publicly accessible server-- doesn't have to to be the one your site uses-- then

 go to Appearance -> Menus,
 Navigate to a menu, or create one
 find the "Links" dialogue,
 input the URL and the link text

Thank you

  • Thank you, sorry I should've been more specific. I mean that they are linking to a PDF within text. So there're a hyperlink that goes to the PDF. They want the URL to be less "messy". Is what you're suggesting appropriate for this? – Ben May 17 '17 at 10:35

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