It is easy to disable oEmbed on the front end Disable automatic oEmbed of a youtube url within the content, but this leaves us with the editor shows a video (in the case of youtube) where on the front end there will be only a URL.

How can it be disabled on the editor side as well?

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The quick way to disable oEmbeds would be

add_filter( 'pre_oembed_result', '__return_false' );

If you want to disable it for all external links then try:

 * Disable oEmbeds for external links 
add_filter( 'pre_oembed_result', function( $result, $url, $args )
    if( parse_url( home_url(), PHP_URL_HOST ) !==  parse_url( $url, PHP_URL_HOST ) )
        $result = false;

    return $result;

}, 999, 3 );

This is a modification from a more detailed answer I posted here.

  • hmm, anything more refined then that? will be great if I can still have it working on pages but not on some custom post type that should be associated with basically text only content. May 17, 2017 at 11:20
  • You mean how to disable it during post editing in the backend, for a given post type?. We could e.g. check for _POST variables like post_ID, type=embed, action=parse-embed and shortcode, within our pre_oembed_result callback, but then we would need to remove the post type from wp_ajax_oembed_cache() through the embed_cache_oembed_types filter or check GET variables. Sounds hackish. Maybe there are other ways to stop the ajax calls for given post types?
    – birgire
    May 17, 2017 at 23:02
  • will take a look layer, right now it actually do not work for me and I have no time to check if it is some caching, and it is not a priority, just a nice yo have ... May 18, 2017 at 2:13

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