For miskate i change the url of my wordpress on settings -> general. In order to revert this i changed the wp-config.php file and add this too config.php


Then i restarted the apache and i hope i could enter again on my admin panel. But everytime i u use the localhost/wordpress/wp-login.php i receive a 404 not found



Don't edit your wp-config.php file directly.

Instead, with PHPMyAdmin, access your database and check for the table _options. You should see entries there for site_url and home_url change those values back to what you need


If you want to edit it form wp-config.php then use

define('WP_HOME','http://example.com'); define('WP_SITEURL','http://example.com');


Try this 1. Clean Cookies and Caches in the Browser 2. rename ".htaccess" file to .htaccess _backup in the "wordpress" folder 3. Open your phpmyadmin then click on your database, select table "options" 4. Edit siteurl and type correct url in option_value field. enter image description here


if not working, try rename all plugin folder to disable it at /wp-content/plugins/

Good luck

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