I moved a site from one server to another and it doesn't go up (500 http error) even though:

  1. DB is uploaded with the same DB-name, DB user-name, and DB password.
  2. wp-config.php has the same respective details.
  3. Posix permissions are fine recursively (D:755, f:644, www-data:www-data).
  4. I made sure every corner in the DB has the new domain via sudo wp search-replace 'http://a.com' 'http://b.com' --all-tables-with-prefix
  5. I deactivated all plugins via sudo wp plugin deactivate --all
  6. .htaccess is in place.
  7. I double checked the a DNS record and it is fine.

What else may be there that cause this 500 error? I guess the list is very narrow now?


The problem happened due to a corrupted .htaccess,

After all the stages above, I removed Wordfence with wp plugin uninstall and then, after that, I recreated the .htaccess based on the formal example here:


I saved and relaunched the site and now it's working.

When the site is up reactivate all plugins and bring back Wordfence.

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