How do I get the ID of the top level comment, as in, the top parent comment? Useful functions like get_ancestors() and get_post_ancestors() don't work with comments.


Wait? Did you just state get_comment_ancestors() does not exist? What were they thinking...

We can do this by looping through the entire comment thread until we find the top level comment. We identify it by parent_comment being set to 0:

 * Return the top parent comment ID
 * @param $comment_id
 * @return comment id
function cc_get_top_level_comment_id_wpse_265978($comment_id){

    if (!is_numeric($comment_id)) return;

    $parent_comment_id = 1;

    // loop comment thread until we find the one which has parent comment ID set to 0
    while($parent_comment_id > 0) {
        $comment = get_comment($comment_id);
        $comment_current_id = $comment->comment_ID;
        $parent_comment_id = $comment->comment_parent;
        $comment_id = $parent_comment_id;

    return $comment_current_id;

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