This is how $attr is created:

$attr = shortcode_atts( array(
        'chart' => null,
        'footer_caption' => null,
    ), $attr, $shortcode_tag );

This is the print_r of $attr in this post ( that has 3 graphs if it had more or less the array dimension would change):

    [chart] => 23
    [footer_caption] => label 1

    [chart] => 22
    [footer_caption] => label 2

    [chart] => 24
    [footer_caption] => label 3

Then i need to pass $attr['footer_caption'] to a JS file where the highcharts plugin settings are being defined like this:

    var captionLabel = "<?php echo $attr[ 'footer_caption' ]; ?>"

And this is the setting in the js file where i pass the $attr['footer_caption'] strings through captionLabel:

  credits: {
          enabled: false
  chart: {
          type: 'column',
          events: {
              load: function () {
                var label = this.renderer.label(captionLabel)
                      width: '400px',
                      fontSize: '9px'
                      'r': 2,
                      'padding': 5

                  label.align(Highcharts.extend(label.getBBox(), {
                      align: 'center',
                      x: 0, // offset
                      verticalAlign: 'bottom',
                      y: 20 // offset
                  }), null, 'spacingBox');

          marginBottom: 120
      legend: {
        align: 'center',
        verticalAlign: 'bottom',
        y: -30
    decimalPoint: ',',
    thousandsSep: '.'

But it only outputs the last footer caption to every chart (in this case 'label 3'. I was thinking it needs a foreach or a for loop but I don't know how to do it in this case cause I don't see the indexes. This is what $attr['footer_caption'] outputs:

[02-May-2017 15:31:17 UTC] label 1
[02-May-2017 15:31:18 UTC] label 2
[02-May-2017 15:31:19 UTC] label 3

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I know this question is probably confusing.

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It seems like you are setting up the common Chart Options in a JS file but as all the charts are going to have different footer caption you shouldn't set it as a common option.

As you specified that the post has three charts that means the captionLabel JavaScript variable is getting declared and being assigned the value 3 times if that is part of shortcode. So the final value assigned to the captionLabel will be label 3 and then the chart options are being set in the js file. Thus, all your charts are having label 3 as footer caption.

May be you can set the label in Chart Options on per chart basis.

  • Thanks. How can i set the Chart Options on per chart basis without hacking the plugin files?
    – user117473
    May 3, 2017 at 12:00

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