I have a function that runs with user input variable (comma separated numeric string) to update the terms (by id) in a custom taxonomy on a custom post type. Even though the docs say I should use wp_set_object_terms, I can only get my terms to update by using wp_set_post_terms. The following code will work (using wp_set_post_terms but not using wp_set_object_terms at the end):

if(isset($request['custom_tax'])) {
$customtaxarray = explode(",",$request['custom_tax']);
$only_integers = true;
foreach ($customtaxarray as $testcase) {
    if (!ctype_digit($testcase)) {
    $only_integers = false;
if ($only_integers) {
$customtax = $customtaxarray;
} else {

return array(
                'code' => 'missing_integers',
                'data' => array(
                    'status' => 403,
                    'message' => "custom_tax must be one or more (comma separated) integers.",
//update custom_tax
wp_set_post_terms($request['cpt_post_id'], $customtax, 'custom_tax' );


After much trial and error, I have found a solution that will allow wp_set_object_terms to be used. Despite already checking if my strings were integers, apparently I needed to convert the array explicitly as well. So I changed this:

$customtax = $customtaxarray;

to this:

$customtax = array_map('intval',$customtaxarray);

and suddenly wp_set_object_terms now works. That does not explain why wp_set_post_terms was working instead (unless perhaps it does this conversion automatically?), but at least this is now working as expected.

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