For some reason I have been logged out of my android app for Wordpress.

I host my own site, so I use "Add self-hosted site" when I try to log in. I enter my user name, password and the address of my site and click "Log in". After a couple of seconds of loading I get the error "This site already exists in the app, you can't add it".

I understand that it already exists in the app, I have been using this app for editing my blog posts before. I wonder why was I logged out in the first place and why can't I log back in (because I was logged in before). I don't want to delete the app data from the Android settings->apps menu, because I wrote some posts on the app, but haven't uploaded them to my page yet and I don't want to lose this work.

I'm using Wordpress 4.7.4, Android app 7.2

Thank you for your help!

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I managed to hack the lost data by SSH-ing into my android and coping the wordpress app database to my pc and then opening it there wit a sqLite browser

this shouldn't be so hard


Had same problem too. Fixed it by clearing its data and cache in the app manager. This probably deletes local drafts and other local data.

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