In my callback function (the one which output HTML for forms) of add_meta_box, I am using

wp_nonce_field( 'uniqueid', 'my_nonce' )

Now in saving function, I am using this at top to verify nonce

check_admin_referer( 'uniqueid', 'my_nonce' )

But due to this, I am getting below error as soon as I hit the Add New button
Are you sure you want to do this? (Its 403 default error message )

For now I am using wp_verify_nonce, but I don't understand why above code is not working?
Note: I am adding this meta box to a custom post type


Now in saving function ...

in which hook ? if you do this in "save_post_CPT", it doesn't work because this hook is called a first time a the object creation

then you have to do this :

add_action("save_post_CPT", function ($object_ID, \WP_Post $object, $update) {

    if (!$update) {

        // new object, here you can define default values



    if (isset($_REQUEST["uniqueid"])) {

            , "my_nonce"

        // saving informations of the metabox


    // here the code when the object is put in the trash or with quick edit e.g.

}, 10, 3);
  • Thank you, It Works. Can I get further reference of this implementation so that I can learn in more depth ? – sanjay ojha Apr 29 '17 at 15:43

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