I have a search results page and on the page, I would like to be able to filter by category. So when the user searches an item, it gets passed to the results page in the url like:


What I would like to do is take the value of "s" and use it in a link to another page.

What I am thinking is doing something like this:

$_searchquery = $_GET['s'];

Then adding the $_searchquery variable to the url I am wanting to redirect to by doing something along these lines:

<a href="website.com/?s=<?php echo $_searchquery ?>&category_name=example"> Example Category </a>

Which in theory will redirect to a search results page that will display the search results for 'example' that appear in the 'example' category. Is this correct?

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This worked perfectly for me! The goal was to get a button that would filter my search results by post category and the above solution works exactly how I wanted it to.

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