I know there are numerous plugins for sharing a custom post types on social media, but what I want to achieve is to offer social share buttons after job has been submitted.

Here is a template that is being shown after job is successfully submitted, I would like to include share buttons within this template (and that those share buttons automatically pull published post permalink):

global $wp_post_types;

switch ( $job->post_status ) :
    case 'publish' :
        echo '<p>';
        printf( __( '%s You listing was successfully published. You can <a href="%s">view you listing/a>. ', 'wp-job-manager' ), $wp_post_types['job_listing']->labels->singular_name, get_permalink( $job->ID ) );
        echo '</p>';

Is this achievable?


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The easiest way to accomplish this might be to use a plugin that includes a shortcode (say, Jetpack), and then include that shortcode in the output within case 'publish'.

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