I'm trying to add a "settings" link to my plugin on the plugins page. I used this code, which I found on various sites and also in the documentation, but it simply doesn't work (the link doesn't show).

What did I do wrong?

function apd_settings_link( $links ) {
    $url           = get_admin_url() . "options-general.php?page=my-plugin";
    $settings_link = '<a href="' . $url . '">' . __('Settings', 'textdomain') . '</a>';
    array_unshift( $links, $settings_link );
    return $links;

add_filter('plugin_action_links_' . plugin_basename(__FILE__), 'apd_settings_link');

The code is working and tested. Activate your plugin you will see the settings link

add_filter( 'plugin_action_links_' . plugin_basename(__FILE__), 'apd_settings_link' );
function apd_settings_link( array $links ) {
    $url = get_admin_url() . "options-general.php?page=my-plugin";
    $settings_link = '<a href="' . $url . '">' . __('Settings', 'textdomain') . '</a>';
      $links[] = $settings_link;
    return $links;
  • The code worked when I put in in my plugin main file. It seems like I had it in the wrong place before that. I included a file called init.php in my main file like so: require dirname( FILE ) . '/apd-init.php'; And there I put my code before, which didn't work. How is that? Apr 22 '17 at 17:29
  • 1
    got the point. check plugin_basename(FILE) not showing your main plugin file :). define( 'EXAMPLE_ABSPATH', plugin_dir_path( FILE ) ); define( 'EXAMPLE__FILE__', FILE ); define( 'EXAMPLE_BASENAME', plugin_basename( Example__FILE__ ) ); in your main plugin file. and apd-init.php file change the plugin file to add_filter( 'plugin_action_links_' . 'EXAMPLE_BASENAME, 'apd_settings_link'); Apr 23 '17 at 5:51
  • Thank you, that was actually my problem. Calliing plugin_basename(FILE) from apd-init.php would give me the wrong file name. So I defined it the way you did in your example. Apr 25 '17 at 15:41

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