When i add new multisite by visiting "My sites -> Network admin -> sites", the list of sites appear.

This list contains more than 10 sites. But when i hover to "My Site" Menu in admin panel top admin bar, there are few sites are showing.

I wanna list all site down here on hover. How to achieve this? What is the correct way to add a new site? OR can i hide this list which is howing few sites on hover?

More details:

Hovering over My Sites Menu showing few sites.

enter image description here

Going to "Sites" sub menu brings all sites list.

enter image description here

  • The easy way is to remember to use the same email as when you made the multisite (the Super Admin)
    – Frank
    Oct 17, 2022 at 23:21

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  • My Sites contains all the sites that are added to you as a user.
  • Sites contains all the sites in the network.

This can be confusing since you're logged in as a superadmin and therefor have access to both but it simply means that the sites that are not showing up in the dropdown are not actually under your control (but you can still control them because you're a SA).

Under Sites go to a specific site and go to the tab Users

Here you can add the users that have access to that site and if you add yourself to all of them, they will all show up under My Sites


FYI... I had to clear my cookies to get this to work because I was logging in with my user credentials but Wordpress was cookie'ing me to the a different original super admin account.

I logged out, cleared cookies, then logged in my personal super admin account and all the sites showed up in the sites dropdown menu.

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