I have some custom post types and inside them I have some custom fields that I need to convert in post content.

Is this possible? How can I do this?


You can do this by using something similar

//Post we need to update
$id = 37;

 $custom_field = get_post_meta( $id, 'custom_field_key', true );
// Update post 37
  $mg_post = array(
      'ID'           => $id,
      'post_content' => $custom_field,

// Update the post into the database
  wp_update_post( $mg_post );

//Delete the custom field
delete_post_meta( $id, 'custom_field_key' );

Hope you got the idea. Let me know what have you tried.

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  • Your code does work, thanks! But I found a way to bulk the changes by consulting this post – bpy Apr 11 '17 at 23:00

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