I had asked this question in a different way too, but no one replied there! I guess I should rephrase it here.
My custom post is 'company'. I'm trying to add a custom rewrite rule. When the 'url http://domain..com/company/company-title-slug/replies', is accessed, I want redirect to a custom template(applied to a page named 'replies') with all the comments for this custom post listed. If I add the comment id in the url like this 'url http://domain..com/company/company-title-slug/replies/23', I want to redirect to another page with a custom template applied for displaying a single comment.

This is what I did for accessing the url... 'http://domain.com/replies/reply_id', and it works fine.


Please guide me in the proper direction, having a real hard time with the url rewrite stuff!

Thanks in advance!

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I haven't tested it, but what about:


Using add_rewrite_rule only is not enough. It only adds a new rewrite rule to WP. But you need to register new query variable (in your situation, it's reply_id) and parse the request to catch that query variable.

Jan Fabry has posted a detailed sample for creating custom rewrite rule, I think it contains all you need.


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