How to get the php template file from other theme folder?

For Example :

My Current Theme Folder is promax . Im working on archive.php and want to include a template file inside of archive.php from other folder called child theme promax-child' and a folder inside called includes has a file archive-desc.php.

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You can filter the template with the template_include filter. This example will filter the archive template for all archive pages. If you need to do this for a specific archive, use is_post_type_archive( $post_types ) as your condition. Put this in your functions.php file of your child theme.

function my_archive_filter( $template) {
    if ( is_archive() ) {
        return 'path/to/includes/archive-desc.php'; // Path to your child theme template.
    else {
        return $template;

apply_filters( 'template_include', 'my_archive_filter' );

Edit: It should now fall back to the default template if the custom template fails for some reason.


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