I have created a local WordPress (WP) website on my computer using the limited edition of DesktopServer. I then used FileZilla to download the WP files along with the associated database. Now I cannot access the local PhpMyAdmin control panel, anymore. I used to access the control panel by clicking on the ‘Sites’ box in one of the DesktopServer screens (below)

enter image description here Now, when I click on the same ‘Sites’ box, I am taken directly to my website (and, I don’t even know if it is my live site or a local copy).

I will appreciate any help that would show me how to access my local PhpMyAdmin control panel.

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Try this:


The manual says::

DesktopServer comes with PHPMyAdmin which allows you to manage your MySQL databases. You can access this tool two ways.

Open DesktopServer

In the left bottom corner is a [ Sites ] button, click it. This will open a page in your default browser, at the top is a menu item called "Tools". Click the Tools menu item and a list with the link to PHPMyAdmin - MySQL Administration.


Open your favorite browser and visit: http://localhost/phpmyadmin/

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