I have a child theme for twenty-seventeen and am trying to get the possibility to set sections to a one-column layout while the other ones still have their two-columns layout.

There seems to be an idea for a solution where a page template is created and a function is inserted into functions.php:

add_filter( 'body_class', 'one_column_page_body_classes', 12 );

function one_column_page_body_classes( $classes ) {
    if ( is_page_template( 'template-parts/one-column-page.php' ) && in_array('page-two-column', $classes) ) {
        unset( $classes[array_search('page-two-column', $classes)] );
        $classes[] = 'page-one-column';
    return $classes;

I did not manage to get this working.

Thanks in advance!


I found an answer, but maybe there is a better way using page-templates and applying the change directly.

For now, it's possible to apply the following in the stylesheet:

body.page-two-column:not(.archive) #primary #panel1 .entry-header{  
  width: 100%;
body.page-two-column:not(.archive) #primary #panel1 .entry-content, body.page-two-column #panel1 #comments{
  width: 100%;

Altering the #panel number you can hard code the fix onto the respective section.

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