I have many duplicated wp_postmeta record (about hundreds record with same post_id & meta_key) and need to delete safely via mysql, is there any effective way to delete the postmeta record.

wp_postmeta table

Further question is how to create code implementation to prevent this postmeta duplication. Many Thanks :-)

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It is quite complicates grouped request, so to avoid problems, consider to use Cleanup Duplicate Meta plugin.

The reason why duplicate entries are occured is usage of add_post_meta(). Just use update_post_meta() (even to create meta, it works) - and you will have always one meta field with certain name per post.

  • That plugin saved me hours of work thanks! still working today Mar 28, 2020 at 18:09

Try it to delete duplicated wp_postmeta record:

DELETE FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE `meta_id` NOT IN (SELECT * FROM (SELECT MAX(`pm`.`meta_id`) FROM `wp_postmeta` pm GROUP BY `pm`.`post_id`, `pm`.`meta_key`) x)

Use update_post_meta instead of add_post_meta to prevent create duplicate postmeta.

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