Im trying to get the json of my homepage, before i only got the json by post id and im not being able to get it by page. This is what im trying:


But it just redirects me to my homepage. By post id, this is how i do it:


Any help?

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If you want to use v2 of the API (which is the current one you should be using), the endpoint is mysite.me/wp-json/wp/v2/pages/1234 where 1234 is the page ID.


  • Hi there! That works great but do you know how to retrieve multiple posts by their id at once? Sep 7, 2018 at 13:45
  • @user3191334 you can use the include argument. For example, mysite.me/wp-json/wp/v2/pages?include[]=1&include[]=2 would get you pages with the ID 1 and 2. Sep 10, 2018 at 13:51

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