I'm a beginner plugin developer. I need my plugin to save and edit multiple indexed sets of key/value pairs on my custom settings page and retrieve later them by their index on the Appearance>>Widgets page.

Is it best to create a custom table in the database for this or does the Settings API have dimensional accommodation for this? If so can someone please get me pointed in the right direction?


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Because you mentioned the Settings API I assume you want to do AJAX from the admin area of wordpress. You have some research to do, so my answer is to check out these:



That should get you where you need to go. Happy Wordpressing!

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    – N Barns
    May 15, 2017 at 15:31

The short answer is to go ahead and expand the existing wordpress database. That is because the Settings API really only goes one dimensional and would be a very inefficient use of the database. https://pippinsplugins.com/custom-database-api-reasons-for-custom-tables-and-an-api/

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