What kinds of data sanitization I have to do if I make a front end login and registration system for wordpress users?

  1. For login function wp_signon() should I escape the data for possible sql injection or wordpress will automatically do it for me?
  2. For registration I have found two function so far wp_insert_user() and wp_create_user() and for updating user wp_update_user()

For the registration function I think wp_create_user() will do the job for me. Again how much sanitization should i do?

Do i need to do the password hashing?

Also i have found some filters on the function reference page of the wp_create_user(). Those are pre_user_user_pass, pre_user_user_login, pre_user_user_nicename etc. Do, I need to use those filter before insert a new user?

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You can check my tutorial for front-end user registration and login in WordPress: http://www.cozmoslabs.com/1012-wordpress-user-registration-template-and-custom-user-profile-fields/

As to the wp_signon, wp_insert_user, wp_create_user and wp_update_user they take care of all sanitation and validation of your content.

Also you don't need to use those filters in wp_create_user to create your users.

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