I have set up a local Wordpress development environment using Chassis (based on Vagrant), this needed a bit of tweaking to get it how I like, so I feel like I should have this under version control. There will be changes in future.

I will be using this Wordpress install for theme development, ideally I would like to develop in the "themes" folder, but would it cause problems having a Git repo within another Git repo?

Is there a way to manage this, keeping both the environment and theme under verison control?

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  • You may .gitignore the inner git repo from the parent repo. This is what I do to avoid problems. So two essentially remains separate and I can use the same vagrant config for a different theme development. Anyways, this question is off topic for WPSE, so you better ask in SO if you need more details. – Fayaz Mar 27 '17 at 10:19
  • as @Fayaz, said this is a general "git" question that is not specific to wordpress and therefor off-topic. "Best" depends on how you would like to work which might differ from person to person – Mark Kaplun Mar 27 '17 at 12:25
  • Thanks, I was particularly after answers related to Chassis. I have modified the question to remove "best". – LC1983 Mar 27 '17 at 12:31

I also asked this question on SO and the answer was to use .gitignore for the subfolders containing the themes I am developing. This has worked well for me.

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