I registered my oembed provider, in my wp cms (provider is not whitelisted in WP community). But I have problems with this oembed url. Mentioned oembed url is working in some themes, and in other I get message “not-embeddable”.

I tried adding oembed provider to class-omebed.php as it is in file. Also I tried using wp_oembed_add_provider() in functions.php file. Results?

Twenty Seventeen: both methods failed. Twenty Sixteen: worked after adding oembed provider to class-omebed.php file. I even didn’t had to set reject_unsafe_urls = false.

Structure of oembed url: http://embed.somedomain.com/oembed/1tkd4423u13hv1v090s6nbfg51/80b20ddf133a22bda080008e3d

Can anyone help me solve this problem? Maybe someone know this issue? Maybe adding omebed to whitelist of wp community will help?


For interested parties. Solution of my (and maybe similar problems) was to check headers of oembed feed. I didn't notice that my headers where little different that in RFC :) Fixing them helped me with my problem.

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