So for some reason i get this result on my website enter image description here

By reading other questions and searching the web i found that something like this could have been a result of some caching plug-in that interferes with something else and thats how we get this result but i don't use any caching plug-in.

Some facts are that:

  • The page does use the charset="utf-8" meta tag
  • The website uses English and Greek characters ( if the problem was one of these first 2 points then the admin panel would also fail , right ? )
  • If i log into as admin then the page loads fine.
  • I also noticed that if i activate/deactivate any plug-in the website loads once and then after refresh the problem comes up again.

How can i come down to a conclusion of why this is happening?

Did you ever had a similar experience?

What other info should i share so that we find the root of the issue ?

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    Deactivate all plugins, activate a default theme and see what happens. If it's still a mess, check database settings (contact your hosting provider if you don't know where to find them). If not, get themes and plugins up one by one until you find the culprit.
    – cjbj
    Commented Mar 23, 2017 at 8:44

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So my previous search results were actually true. This problem was coming because of a cache plug-in.

I am hosting this website at BlueHost and there was a plug-in named endurance-page-cache that was installed by BlueHost to improve the page speed and i was not aware of.From my search i found out that other people where also having problem with this plug-in.

All in all the caching of this plug-in was messing with my website... so i had to talk with BlueHost support so that they will disable the plug-in. After that the page was working fine.

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