I am using the Custom List Table Example plugin as a basis to create my own custom list table. Everything is great, except one thorny point.

When I am processing bulk actions via the process_bulk_action() method, I would like to redirect using wp_redirect(). Here is an example:

function process_bulk_action() {

    // Some security check code here

    // Get the bulk action
    $action = $this->current_action();

    if ($action == 'bulk_trash') {

        // Code for the "delete process"

        // Assuming "delete process" is successful


Please note, in the call wp_redirect("http://url/path.php?update=1&message=some_message"), I am trying to redirect to the same page that displays the list table in order to reload it with the result of the trash process. Also note that there is a message in the path that allows me to display a notification to the user regarding the result of the bulk action.

The problem is, I get an error message Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by <file path>.

I understand what the message means, and the reasons behind it (the page is already loaded and cannot be redirected). However, how do I redirect then if I would like to do that after I process the bulk action? If redirect is not the correct solution, what other options do I have that allow me to re-load the custom wp_list_table again so that the listed records reflect items being deleted (i.e., less published items, and more items in trash)?



You need process you bulk actions in admin_action_{ACTION_NAME} hook. Not in wp_list_table class. Read more here

  • don't work with action2 from bottom of list table :( – DARK_DIESEL Aug 30 '18 at 13:57

echo 'document.location="'http://url/path.php?update=1&message=some_message'";'; This solved my problem

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    Welcome to WPSE! Please do not just dump code but explain how and what it does so people can actually learn instead of just Copy&Paste code. – kraftner Jul 5 '17 at 11:56

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